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Access authorization or access control?

When we set up our first access control system in 1983, the next day we found graffiti on the control cabinet "Big Brother is watching you".

Today, we give maximum thought to what type of IMT (identification feature carrier) we want to use... Biometric (finger, eye, voice, PIN, etc.) or classic magnetic/chip card. Modern media already allow the integration of smartphones, use of a cloud and much more.

Comprehensive access control – wireless and without mechanical keys.

An impressive roster of world-class users from diverse industries around the world are reaping the benefits of SALTO's industry-leading electronic access control.

SALTO is behind technologies such as the first wireless, battery-operated, RFID fitting, the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), the data-on-card technology with patented read-write functionality and encrypted data transmission, as well as the first wireless networked access control system, the offline -brings door hardware together with online functions in real time - all wirelessly and without mechanical keys.

SALTO was one of the first manufacturers to recognize the importance of cloud-based access control technology and has accordingly developed into a leading provider of Keys-as-a-Service. We set the pace for the digital transformation of access control. The SALTO portfolio today includes software management systems, cloud solutions and mobile applications for companies of all types and sizes.

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Electronic fittings and locks

Smart, safe and easy to install. The electronic XS4 fittings do not require any wiring and thus form the basis for versatile wireless networked access solutions with a wealth of functions.

All XS4 fittings are battery operated and therefore completely wireless. They are virtually connected via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) or wirelessly connected via SALTO BLUEnet and also work with JustIN Mobile for Mobile Access. Compatible with most European and DIN mortise locks, as well as suitable for locks with Swiss round profile cylinders.

The XS4 fittings from SALTO combine robustness, the latest technologies and an elegant design. They are available in many variants for mounting on full leaf and profile frame doors made of wood, steel, plastic and aluminium. It can also be used on fire protection, smoke protection, escape and rescue route doors. They are therefore suitable for all sectors and areas of application.

Ælement - EU/DIN

The European version of Ælement is compatible with most European doors according to DIN 18250. Due to the minimalist design, the reader adapts unobtrusively to any interior design. The version is available with many different door handles and in different surface finishes.


  • Double layer injection molded reader housing.

  • Optical LED signalling.

  • Mechanical "do not disturb" function on the inside optional.

  • Electronic "do not disturb" function on the inside.

  • Special acoustic and optical signaling when the "Do not disturb" function is activated.

  • Acoustic signal can be switched off.

  • Compatible with DIN 18250 mortise locks for retrofitting.

  • Certifications: EN 1634 - 1 (Ei 60).

  • CE certification.

  • Certifications: FCC / IC.

Technical data Ælement mortise lock:

  • Distance: 72mm.

  • Lock case, latch and bolt made of steel.

  • Manual locking.

  • Surfaces: matt stainless steel or matt brass.

  • Forend shape: round or square (symmetrical or asymmetrical).

  • Backsets: 55, 60, 65, 70 mm.

  • With optional door monitoring (door contact, privacy/"do not disturb") in connection with SALTO Wireless.

  • Door can always be opened from the inside

  • Certifications: CE, EN 1634 (EI 120), EN 14846, EN 179 (in conjunction with the appropriate lever handle).

XS4 LE8P - European mortise lock

The LE8P is a latch-locking euro mortise lock, meaning the latch will automatically deploy and the auxiliary latch will lock the latch in that position when the door is closed. The mortise lock is suitable for all types of wooden doors. The trap lock feature improves security by preventing intrusion through the use of plastic cards. For additional security, SALTO also offers the lock with a bolt.

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panic bar solutions

Simple and intelligent securing of emergency exits.

With the XS4 panic bar solutions, emergency exit doors with panic bars installed can be integrated into SALTO's wireless electronic access systems.

The battery-operated SALTO fittings can be attached to over 60 commercially available panic bars from the market-leading manufacturers using panic bar kits, regardless of whether they are a mortise or RIM panic lock system. EN-1125 compliant depending on panic bar, lock and SALTO panic bar kit.

Next generation access control

Switch to keyless and intelligent access solutions with secure technologies that work seamlessly together, versatile hardware and powerful software.

  • Mechanical keys are easily lost or duplicated. They are also expensive to replace. Intelligent access control is more secure, easier to manage and cheaper over the lifecycle.

  • SALTO access control provides security for everyone on site while protecting assets, facilities and equipment.

  • SALTO access solutions can be linked to other security systems, such as video surveillance, fire and intruder alarm systems, as well as building and hazard management systems.

We and our partners are always available to meet your needs for professionalism and quality combined with maximum flexibility.

You can find more solutions and products from our partner Salto at:

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