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Access authorization or access control?

When we set up our first access control system in 1983, the next day we found graffiti on the control cabinet "Big Brother is watching you".

Today, we give maximum thought to what type of IMT (identification feature carrier) we want to use... Biometric (finger, eye, voice, PIN, etc.) or classic magnetic/chip card. Modern media already allow the integration of smartphones, use of a cloud and much more.

Building in stock can be expensive for end customers. In the following project, a competitor wanted to replace all extinguishing boxes completely... In the end, the price difference was a larger 5-digit sum... Sanding, priming, painting, replacing the fire brigade locks in the outside area and adding/renewing the signage.


  • wrong colour

  • no ventilation

Not only that the extinguishing water feed was incorrectly marked and had the wrong color. In addition, the installation depth of the hose connection was too low from day one, so that the housing could never be closed.

Foto 01.03.16, 10 04 41 (1).jpg
Foto 01.03.16, 10 12 25.jpg
Foto 17.03.16, 10 32 59.jpg

Put out the spacer made of square aluminum, put on the new built-in door made of stainless steel, prime and paint and put in the fire brigade lock - done!

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