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We are hiring:

  • electrical engineer

  • electrician

  • electrician

  • Technical illustrator

  • Office clerk  (half day)

  • We are looking for employees to complement our team  independently and flexibly have fun developing new things and improving old ones.



Please send your comprehensive application documents to:


Elektrotechnik Werdin GmbH

Together we design your individual career path and work on projects that have a noticeable impact - on you and on our society.

To get off to a good start with us, you should bring the following with you:

  • High school diploma, high school diploma or a comparable school-leaving certificate

  • Good verbal and written skills and knowledge of English

  • Enthusiasm for technical products and electronics

  • You like the exchange with customers and you enjoy selling

  • You enjoy working in a team and actively approach other people

  • You like to be involved in the development of creative ideas and are open to new things

Electronics technician 

In this job you will work in a very large and varied field of work and cover a wide range of tasks. For this reason, you can also choose from three disciplines and work in the fields of energy and building technology, automation technology or information and telecommunications technology.

Buildings, vending machines and telecommunications

You can manage buildings - from the airport to a family home. For example, you will take care of photovoltaic systems, switchgear, distribution systems and networks. But electric heat pumps and lighting systems are also part of it. In addition, you ensure protective measures against electric shock and are responsible for lightning and surge protection systems.

A second area of work for electronics technicians are automation systems such as programmable logic controllers and corresponding programs. With their help, mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically driven machines and robots receive the commands for what they are supposed to do.

And thirdly, in the field of information and telecommunications technology, you can ensure that communication via the Internet, e-mail, telephone, fax and video conferences is possible by means of speech, text and images over long distances. Alarm systems, conference technology in conference rooms as well as signaling and intercom systems in the home complete the spectrum of this exciting apprenticeship.

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