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Emergency and security lighting

Safety lighting in existing buildings usually makes the greatest demands, as older regulations no longer meet today's safety standards.

With a selection of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we are of the opinion that we can also solve your individual problem professionally... and with a maximum of cost reduction!

The quintessence of safety

How do you meet safety regulations when the focus should be on architecture, grace and design? How do you meet standards when you want to distance yourself from them architecturally? How do you reconcile functional necessity and creative harmony? The answer to these questions is provided by TENUO, the most elegant LED escape sign luminaire of its kind.

The reduction to the essentials is visualized in a very impressive way with this safety light and makes TENUO a new synonym for "flat". An emphatically simple and angular aluminum housing surrounds the only 5 mm thick display pane with patented MicroLens technology like a picture frame. The powerful LED technology scores with a uniformity of 98% with minimal energy consumption; this guarantees a long service life with the lowest maintenance costs.


Online support to compensate for start-up times of the NEA can be a solution under certain conditions


You don't have your own room? With a cabinet or the creation of a separate room can be compensated.

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