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Department CCTV for Photo-Voltaic-Systems

Romance in security technology....  "Man" or "Woman" finds that on one of our worldwide construction sites. Whether in Holland, Poland, England, Russia, Egypt or Brazil....  there are always moments that are remembered.

We have been supplying and installing security systems all over the world for more than 20 years. Especially in the field of video surveillance, we have a firm place in the surveillance of solar power plants, which is characterized by video analysis. Discover our high-end solutions that combine high-resolution IP technology with the latest fiber optic technology and smart video analysis from a single source.

Video surveillance - analogue or IP?

Whether it is a compact video surveillance system or a video management system with a large number of cameras...  the result is important...  a clear and unambiguous picture to help you. Whether you're watching the action Live  or whether you are checking records... whether you are on site or whether you are operating remotely, we provide you with the tools you need.


Video surveillance - but legally secure!

  • Compliance with all legal regulations (BGB, labor law)

  • comply with data protection

  • Record the purpose/specific goals in writing

  • Consider the interests of those affected that are worthy of protection

  • Attach notices to video surveillance

  • Fix data access, data storage and data deletion

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