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intrusion detection technology  


A burglar alarm system should be tailor-made so that it does not hinder you in your everyday life.


Our advice is just as individual for you!


"Security is a matter of trust"

Excerpt of the BHE position paper - isn't there an easier way?

Police recommendation: The police's minimum requirements for intruder alarm systems are clearly defined in the "Federal standard catalog of obligations for installers of hold-up and intruder alarm systems". The principles for the use of system parts/devices are regulated as follows in this catalog of obligations (Pfk) under No. 4.3: “System parts/devices for hold-up and intruder alarm systems must always be used that, both individually and on the intended interaction of this according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification bodies (e.g. VdS) for the area of alarm technology have been tested and certified for the corresponding class.” Although intruder alarm systems based on technologies such as pressure alarms, infrasound or volume monitoring have been available on the market for decades, none have been available to date Tests and certifications from a certification body accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 for the area of alarm technology. Therefore, the minimum requirements for a recommendation by the police, which are specified by the Police Crime Prevention Commission (KPK) for the recommendation of intruder alarm systems, are not given and such systems cannot be recommended by the police. In addition, the structure of such systems is not comparable with a classic intruder alarm system according to the list of obligations.

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